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A Place for the Unwilling supera la primera barrera, la más importante, para abrirse paso hasta el PC, la primera plataforma pensada por el estudio  español AlPixelGames en la plataforma Kickstarter.

El estudio español AlPixelGames, con Luis Díaz Peralta a la cabeza, tiene ahora entre ceja y ceja la financiación de su nuevo título en desarrollo «A Place for the Unwilling», un título de aventura de mundo abierto de corte oscuro que tendrá que estar pendiente de las acciones de la ciudad.

La buena noticia radica en el paso del primer corte en kickstarter; conseguir los primeros 20.000 euros que garantizaban ese primer desarrollo para sobremesas.

Aún queda pendiente, aunque con poco tiempo por delante, la siguiente barrera de los 30.000 euros que daban la estabilidad para editar el juego en las plataformas de Xbox One y PlayStation 4.

Puedes aportar tu voluntad y apoyo aquí e intentar poder jugar a las versiones de consola.

Felicidades al equipo de AlPixelGames.

Introducción de A Place for the Unwillling

I do exist.

There are others like me which are nothing but streets of empty buildings decorated with monuments and street lights, but that’s not my case. I have a body, but also a brain and a heart. I can feel people moving inside of me, I can hear hundreds of conversations taking place in my streets right now and even see beings from other realities. 

These are the shadows, you may call them people. They’re all different, but at the same time they look alike to my eyes. Sometimes, if I pay attention I can hear them whispering their names to each other, and once I hear them, I no longer see a blurry shadow, but an unique person with dreams and nightmares. 

These are the streets that shape me. Twisted paths where filth and plagues await in every corner. Some of the shadows live surrounded by luxury while others struggle to survive. Both God and Devil were born in my veins, and they never left. 

I have been feeling ill lately. There’s something inside of me that does not belong here. I don’t know how it entered or why, but it may be wise to fear it, the dark lurks even in the brightest places and nobody is safe. 

The following days will play a very important role in the life of the shadows. The pieces are already on the board and the game is about to start. Now, pick your move stranger, knowing that once it has begun neither of us will be able to stop it. There is only one thing that we can be sure of, it will be an interesting journey. 

Who knows? Maybe even I can die.





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